High Voltage Test Facility

High Voltage Test Facility

All test services provided by HV Test Services are performed at Manitoba Hydro’s High Voltage Test Facility (HVTF), in Winnipeg, Canada. Located near the geographical centre of North America, the HVTF is designed and equipped for high voltage tests in accordance with the latest CSA, IEEE, ANSI and IEC standards.

We have the advantage of a newly constructed specialized high voltage test facility complete with state-of-the-art test equipment. The engineered electromagnetic shielding of the HV test hall allows partial discharge measurements down to 2 pC.

The test hall is 41 m (135 ft.) x 38 m (125 ft.) with a 19 m (62 ft.) clearance between floor and bridge crane. There is rail access into the test hall which can be divided into two test bays enabling different tests to take place simultaneously.

Test Equipment Capabilities

60 Hz Applied Alternating Voltage Series Resonant Test Supply:

  • Two reactor modules in series rated 800 kV 5 A, capacitance range 0 to 14.5 nF
  • Two reactor modules in parallel rated 400 kV 10 A, capacitance range 0.2 to 66.3 nF
  • Test system partial discharge ≤2 pC measured with Omicron mtronix MPD600
  • Used with 50 pF compressed gas standard capacitor rated 600 kV
  • Operation available at frequencies other than 60 Hz

Applied Direct Voltage ±1200 kV 20 mA Test Supply:

  • Polarity reversal <2 minutes for 2.8 nF at 1200 kV
  • Polarity reversal <2 minutes for 11.3 nF at 625 kV
  • Suitable for use in partial discharge measurements on transformers and bushings rated 500 kVdc

360 kJ Impulse Generator:

  • 2400 kV lightning full wave impulse
  • 2400 kV triggered chopping gap
  • 1300 kV switching impulse
  • 12 stages (200 kV, 30 kJ per stage)
  • Resistors: 168 wave front / 48 wave tail
  • Glaninger circuit
  • 2400 kV compensated voltage divider
  • Multi-channel precision digital impulse analyzing system (12 bit)

Power Transformer Test System:

  • 690 V 4 MVA voltage source converter ≤5% THD (40 Hz – 200 Hz)
  • 4  MVA  step-up transformer with 52 off-voltage taps 1.55 kV to 170 kV (boost to 190 kV short time)
  • 120 MVAr capacitor bank for use during load loss and temperature rise tests, max. 42kV 3-ph or 48 kV 1-ph
  • 2-stage 200 kV 2000 A current transformers and 200 kV compressed gas capacitors used in power measurement
  • Accuracy of power measurement is better than 0.13% at 0.05 power factor
  • Filters to facilitate partial discharge measurements <10 pC during induced tests
  • Oil processing and testing capabilities

Accelerated Aging Facilities for Stator Coils and Bars:

  • 50 V 60 Hz 6000 A supply for thermal cycling
  • 50 kV 60 Hz 28 kVA supply for voltage endurance with inductive compensation
  • Unity power-factor voltage regulator