High Voltage Padmount Transformer Station

High Voltage Padmount Transformer (HVPT) Station

A High Voltage Padmount Transformer (HVPT) station is a unique option for providing customers with new high voltage services and service upgrades. A HVPT station replaces traditional high voltage substations and can be used in residential, commercial and industrial settings. In the past fifteen years, over 90 HVPT stations have been installed in Manitoba for a variety of different customers.

Benefits of a HVPT Station

  • Up to 75% smaller than a traditional substation due to less land size required and no required fencing or ancillary products
  • Capital cost savings of up to 50% due to no need for ancillary products
  • Aesthetically pleasing clean, metal boxes with all ground wires and connections locked inside
  • Due to the green exterior, the transformers can blend into the environment with no need for unsightly fencing and exposed live parts
  • Tamper resistant enclosure to ANSI C57.12.28 standards. The grounding designs exceed the requirements of IEEE 80. This ensures the public safety without the need for fencing
  • HVPT stations can be used in residential, commercial and industrial settings
  • Installation lead time of 8-12 months vs. 24 months for a traditional substation
  • Virtually maintenance free, only requires condition monitoring
  • Fits onto a trailer and ships completely assembled to your site. Installation takes 1-2 hours and the HVPT station can be moved from site to site as needed
  • Eco-friendly due to the lower footprint required and less oil (which is also soy based Envirotemp FR3 oil)
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