High Voltage Maintenance Services

High Voltage Maintenance Services

MHIMS provides high voltage electrical maintenance services in conjunction with electrical construction management services. These services include:

Substation Maintenance

We offer complete substation maintenance analysis, reports and repairs as required to ensure reliability, efficiency and reduced failure rates for your transformers. A properly maintained substation provides you with a reliable energy source to ensure continuous operation of your business.

Overhead Pole Line Inspections and Maintenance

We conduct extensive field surveys to determine the quality of overhead poles and identify if any maintenance is required. MHIMS can also provide GPS locations for the overhead poles and can create long-term maintenance plans as well.

Visual Site Inspections

We complete on-site inspections of your energy systems to ensure that your facility is running properly. Inspections can include, but are not limited to: switchgears, overhead pole lines, infrared scanning and monitoring, fuses and transformer inspection and testing.

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