High Voltage Construction Services

High Voltage Construction Services

MHIMS provides a variety of high voltage electrical construction services. MHIMS has extensive experience in utilizing current technologies to meet customer’s specific requirements. We can help you meet your high voltage electrical requirements through the custom application and utilization of specialized tools and equipment as part of an electrical system.

Project and Contract Management

The high voltage electrical management services provided by MHIMS can include: design, material, labour, mobilization and demobilization, room and board and commissioning.

Engineered Distribution Design and Upgrade

MHIMS can provide you with stamped drawings and complete the required installations to meet your growing electrical needs.

Overhead and Underground Distribution Construction

Includes a complete design of the distribution system and all aspects of the installation. MHIMS has the experience and resources to complete any type of overhead and underground distribution system.

Material Procurement

MHIMS can acquire the appropriate material at the best possible costs to meet your needs in terms of quality, quantity, time and location.

Energy Management Software and Tools Design

MHIMS provides unique software and tools that can provide equipment monitoring and testing, power quality monitoring, custom applications of meters, data management and more. These programs are developed with the emphasis on saving energy and costs.

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