Energy Edge Monitoring

What is Energy Edge Monitoring?

Energy Edge Monitoring provides customized energy monitoring programs that deliver valuable insight into your organization's operations.

Developed by Manitoba Hydro International Ltd.'s team of industry experts, Energy Edge Monitoring provides the real-time information you need to make informed decisions about your business. Through data monitoring and analysis, Energy Edge empowers you to identify ways to increase efficiency and ultimately save energy and money.

How Energy Edge works:

Track any data - Utilizing the latest in metering technology, any measureable data, from energy consumption to production quantities, can be collected.

Visualize your data - Your data is displayed on customized dashboards, using interactive and easy to understand visuals that heighten your operational awareness. Compare and contrast data from various locations on one screen. View your dashboards on your PC, tablet, or smart phone, and set alarms to be notified by text or email of any spikes or excess usage.

Use your data - Energy Edge Monitoring gives you the operational information you need, in real time, to make decisions that will make a difference. MHI's team is there to support you in the interpretation of the data and implementation of change.

Monthly Monitoring

With decades of experience in data management systems, MHI can monitor your data for you.  Energy Edge's full-service monthly monitoring includes:

    - Proactive monthly system maintenance

    - Technical support

    - Customized monitoring

    - System training

    - Dashboard upgrades


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