About Us


Manitoba Hydro International Maintenance Services (MHIMS) is a division of Manitoba Hydro International Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Manitoba Hydro. Started in 2011, MHIMS was originally created to provide energy support services to local commercial and industrial entities through Manitoba Hydro Key and Major Accounts. The staff’s decades of project management experience and emphasis on customer service makes them a valuable partner to the Key and Major accounts department. MHIMS has now expanded these services to customers outside of Manitoba as well.

Mission Statement

MHIMS strives to provide safe, efficient and cost-effective energy services to industrial and commercial customers and energy utilities. Our full-service solutions include, but are not limited to, project and contract management, design, construction, maintenance, and energy management services.


MHIMS aspires to be the premier choice of industrial and commercial businesses and energy utilities for all energy related support services.

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